Bank Holidays 2024

Bank Holidays in Monmouthshire

Bank holidays in the UK are always a much-anticipated time for relaxation and adventure, and Monmouthshire is an ideal destination to spend these extra days off. With its stunning natural landscapes and rich historical heritage, this scenic county offers a plethora of activities and attractions suitable for all tastes. Whether you fancy taking a leisurely…

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Top 10 Place To See in Monmouthshire


Welcome to Monmouthshire, a county nestled in the heart of Wales, where history, natural beauty, and vibrant communities converge to create a captivating destination. Explore the majestic ruins of Raglan Castle and the ancient stones of Chepstow Castle, each whispering tales of times gone by. Wander through the charming market towns of Abergavenny and Monmouth,…

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Great Towns of Monmouthshire

Each town in Monmouthshire offers its own distinct charm and attractions, providing a captivating experience for visitors. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the towns of Monmouthshire are sure to enchant you with their beauty, heritage, and warm Welsh hospitality. Abergavenny is a charming market town nestled…

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Why you have to visit Monmouthshire

Monmouthshire is a beautiful county located in the southeast of Wales, offering visitors a wide range of attractions and activities. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Monmouthshire: Known for its stunning landscapes, historic towns, and rich cultural heritage, there are numerous reasons why someone should visit Monmouthshire: Monmouthshire is a must-visit destination…

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The Pottery Cabin

For a few hours fun with the kids, why not try your hand at creating fantastic pottery at The Pottery Cabin in USK. Based at Willow’s Garden Centre, in Baron Street Usk, the Pottery Cabin is the new addition to garden centre that also features, the Tumble in the Jungle Soft Play area and a…

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