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Poppy Appeal

This year’s Poppy Appeal takes place from Thursday 27th October until Remembrance Sunday on Sunday 13th November. By donating to the Poppy Appeal you’re helping to provide ongoing vital support to the Armed Forces community, ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten. Your poppy shows you care. It’s not just buying the traditional paper poppies that help…

Book of Stamps - Monmouthshire Life

Why you need to check your stamps today

The Royal Mail are replacing the traditional regular everyday and Christmas stamps with a new look design featuring a barcode. The barcodes will be featured on a new perforated section that will match the stamp colour and sit alongside the main body of the stamp. The new stamps will be introduced this year and will…

Author, Graham Harris

A childhood spent in Monmouthshire

Author, Graham Harris, has a joyous look back at his childhood spent in the Welsh countryside of Monmouthshire. Monmouthshire author, Graham Harris has published a personal and humorous look back at his childhood growing up in Monmouthshire. Graham’s love for his family and the area shines through childhood antics, daily chores, days spent roaming the…

Getting Airport Parking Deals

2020 was a write off for many of us and the prospect of a holiday in the sun or a mini break abroad became less as the year went on. For those who were isolating or just uncertain of travelling, it soon became a year of stay at home. With promised vaccines looming, the thoughts…

Father’s Days Ideas

It’s Father’s Day on the 21st June so whilst you might not be able to celebrate in the usual way, we have put together a few simple ideas that might give you much needed inspiration with some gifts.

The Hunger Games continue

For anyone who loved the Hunger Games, author Suzanne Collins has excelled with this amazing new book.

The Key to you Germ Fight

Avoiding germs and trying not to touch as many things as possible in public has never been more important than now. A handy little brass gadget might just be able to help you avoid directly touching those doors and keypads that are part of outside life….


Kids Favourite author, David Walliams is back with a brand new book. This hilarious tale, is told as ever by the very talented author Walliams. A highly recommended, great read for your kids whilst stuck in isolation. WELCOME TO THE ISLE OF MULCH… This little island is home to a large number of horrible grown-ups.…

Buy: Things you need in your life

Sometimes you don’t even realise that you need somethings in your life. Here are a few things that we’ve seen that you might feel you need to improve the quality of your life. Perfect bread every time For anyone who uses a bread maker, there is always a satisfying moment when the results of all…

Pinch of Nom

For those of us who have maybe snacked a little too much during lockdown and not managed as much exercise, it’s time to start looking atsome recipes to ensure that the weight doesn’t get any further out of hand. Slimming food has never tasted so good thanks to this new book by Kay Featherstone and…