Undy artist gets straight to the point in new book

Undy artist gets straight to the point in new book

AN award-winning Undy artist is preparing to take readers on a journey into the miniature world of insects through embroidery.

Embroidery artist, Victoria Matthewson is the author of ‘Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators: An Insect Lovers Guide to Silk Shading Embroidery.’

In her book the self-taught embroiderer, who is one of the top silk shading artists in the UK, takes readers on a fascinating journey into the miniature world of insects through nine step-by-step embroidery projects.

Artist, Victoria Matthewson

The book is aimed at those with some previous embroidery knowledge, or ambitious beginners who will learn about plants and insects often-overlooked role in pollination and the important position they hold within our eco-system. 

Many people think of bees as being the only pollinators but, in fact, a wide variety of insects help with the pollination of plants, including butterflies, moths, wasps, flies and beetles- all of which make wonderful subjects for embroidery.

Starting with key stitches and techniques, this inspiring and practical book offers nine key plant and pollinator combinations including the dogrose and greenbottle fly, ox-eye daisy and hoverfly, and fennel and seven-spot ladybird.

Each project contains fascinating entomological insights about each pollinator and plant. With a foreword by Iolo Williams, and a comprehensive design and stitch guide, this informative book will inspire you to observe and capture the beauty of these vital ecosystems.

The mother-of-two, who has been sewing since the age of ten, believes that taking by the time to stitch these invertebrates and plants we can nurture a greater understanding of their beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Exquisitely detailed and worked in fine silk floss thread, Mrs Matthewson’s embroideries are a masterclass in thread painting, and shine with a vibrant colour and life.

Mrs Matthewson is a hand embroidery artist specialising in needlepainting, also known as silk shading or long and short stitch embroidery. Combining her love of nature and craft, she has developed a distinctive style of embroidery, creating realistic artwork inspired by British flora and fauna with a special focus on insects.

Working in silk floss thread and using the smallest size 12 embroidery needles and a magnifying lamp, each piece can take between weeks and months to complete.

In 2018 she won Needlecrafter of the Year at the National Needlecraft Awards in collaboration with DMC thread for her embroidered ladybird.

Mrs Matthewson has also been commissioned to create artwork for private collectors.

Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators; An Insect Lover’s Guide to Silk Shading Embroidery by Victoria Matthewson is released on October 31 by Search Press and costs £19.99

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