Hannah Mlatem

Hannah Mlatem

Gilwern’s premiere hair salon, Hannah Mlatem has decided to close the salon for the moment as crisis deepens.

It’s with a heavy and broken heart that I have decided to close the salon.
I’ve cried too many tears juggling this awful decision with what’s best for my amazing staff, clients and the shop. It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.
Trying to make sure everyone is healthy is of course priority, but also making sure we can survive financially and that my girls can pay their mortgages and bills has also been heavy on my mind and decision.
I think we’ve come as far as we can.

Morally it’s becoming a battle. Every hour brings new challenges and decisions from our prime minister. We cannot continue to stay open and follow guidelines in the nature of our job. They promise to help us so I pray they can. It’s not how I expected to be spending precious time with my new born and toddler.

This little shop is my baby. I gave up my career to follow my heart and though so much adversity and almost quitting and losing everything I ploughed on.
From the days of renting at Abergavenny with just myself and my mam helping, never borrowing a penny and buying stock after every customer. I remember the day when I finally had enough to buy new chairs. Dan’s support to allow me to follow my childhood dream of having my own place and simply making people happy.

My girls Laura and Bethan love the shop as much as me and it’s our livelihoods. They have done everything for me and our shop. Our amazing and fiercely loyal clients who have followed us through Abergavenny, our first shop and now. You never fail to fill my heart. The clients who couldn’t make this week and have still paid for you appointments, you are angels.

But we can’t carry on. It’s time to realise this thing is bigger than us. We need to protect each other, our families and our NHS.

Although salons are left in the dark and not told to close, I have made the decision to do so. We have no other choice now. It’s morally time to close our doors.

We will continue to keep in touch and the second we know more we will let you all know.
Please send us your email addresses in the meantime so we can keep you updated.
It’s not goodbye but so long, for now.

When we reopen we will do it in style! And we will sort out all that long hair for you! Get those hats out of the wardrobe!

Please take care of each other and stay inside, all my love Hannah x

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