Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?

For businesses who are dealing face to face with customers and coming into close contact with the public, it is vital to know that they are not showing any signs of being unwell.

Already businesses such as hairdresser and beauticians are stipulating that they will be checking their customers are not showing signs of any fever with simple temperature check prior to treatments or allowed access to their premises.

This handy thermometer has multiple applications and whilst it’s perfect for checking body temperature, you could also have a second device for recording temperature of food and liquids. It is therefore the ideal choice to protect you and your customers.

Unlike conventional medical thermometers, this contact-less thermometer is equipped with a digital infrared sensor which can be used from 3-5 cms away preventing cross-contamination and infection. It also has a simple traffic light system to indicate if a customer is normal (green) to a very high fever temperature (red).

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