Monmouthshire Car Parks

Monmouthshire Car Parks

Anyone who has tried paying contactless at a Monmouthshire pay and display car park, knows the feeling of waiting for authorisation.

You’ve answered the various questions on language, tariff and even remembered you registration number, all mixed in with lots of pressing of the green button but it’s not over yet… You think your home and dry but there’s the last hurdle, firstly did it acknowledge my card, which is followed by what shall I do whilst it authorises payment?

Do you read a book, catch up on your favourite boxset on Netflix?

Why does it go even slower when there is someone behind you tutting? 😉

Should there be a screen that warns you that there will be a 3 tut delay before you ticket arrives.

How do you fill you time awaiting authorisation?

Monmouthshire Car Park

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Baeufort Raglan

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