Square Farm Shop

Square Farm Shop

Our shelves are starting to look a little bare, but we are trying to restock as quickly as possible!


We also have a beef animal booked and should be ready for the around 23rd April. If you would like to order, all cuts are available, please email ryan@squarefarmshop.co.uk for price list.

There is also still time to order our pork and hogget ready for Easter! You can also email for prices and to order.

Due to popular demand we also have lots of sacks of POTATOES! £10, 25KG sacks

Finally we would also like to say thanks for the support and your patience in this time, we are being inundated with orders, we will respond to you as quickly as possible! Thanks, Ryan

Baeufort Raglan

About Us

We are passionate about Monmouthshire and the amazing people and places within it. We want to promote this amazing county to the people who live in Monmouthshire and show the rest of the World what is great about it.

We are in no way connected with Monmouthshire County Council
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