The Sensitive Plant

The Sensitive Plant

The sensitive plant – This is one of our plants grown from seed.

If you are looking for a house plant with a difference, you need to have a look at the amazing Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica). This curious little plant is very sensitive to touch and reacts instantly by folding it’s leaves inward and droops defending themselves from harm.

Once danger has passed, this little miracle plant slowly but surely comes back to life. Our time lapsed video show the plant come back to life over 30 minutes.

The plant is so easy to grow from seeds and is perfect little project for the kids. Either put some seeds into a pot or start them germinating on a wet piece of kitchen roll on your windowsill. If you have mini green house or a plastic cover to put the developing plants that will aid their development.

You can buy yourself a complete starter kit on Amazon: > Mimosa Pudica Plant Starter Kit

or just a packet of seeds: > Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Plant Seeds

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