Sometimes you don't even realise that you need somethings in your life. Here are a few things that we've seen that you might feel you need to improve the quality of your life.

Perfect bread every time

For anyone who uses a bread maker, there is always a satisfying moment when the results of all your hardwork (dropping the raw ingredients into the tub and pushing the start button) ends up with a perfectly formed, perfectly baked, beautifully smelling loaf of bread. When it comes to cutting your creation into slices, the results for many are less than perfect and you end up with oddly irregular slices. This doesn't have to be the way though with this Gorei Bread Slicer..

This handy fold up kitchen gadget, allows you to cut slices of bread consistently , leaving you with less wastage and perfect slices of bread,

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Hot Chocolate Bombs

For anyone looking to make a hot drink that little bit more exciting why not try a hot chocolate bomb. Simply drop the chocolate ball into a glass of warm milk and watch it melt into an amazing chocolatey treat. Each bomb is a taste sensation with a thick sphere of milk chocolate filled with mini marshmallows

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Kitchen Mushroom Garden

If you fancy growing something a little different and entertaining. why not try growing your own mushrooms in your kitchen.

Using up-cycled coffee grounds from one hundred espressos, this unusual kit is a simple, fun and unique way to grow your own mushrooms.

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