Unexpected heroes in the bagging area

Unexpected heroes in the bagging area

This crisis has highlighted out so many people in our communities that have come out to offer support and help to those who need it.

The amazing NHS and local council teams are going above and beyond and doing whatever they can to look after us and there are many community individuals who are venturing out to assist those who are vulnerable and need assistance, just to name a few.

A new group of unexpected heroes are starting to emerge – the shop staff of the supermarkets and stores who are relentlessly stocking shelves, controlling queues and scanning our shopping. The checkout staff are there at the front line of the supermarkets and not always being treated well by customers in the way they should. Let’s not forget the teams of delivery drivers who are delivering produce into the unknown every day.

So let’s all say a big thank you to the shop staff who are keeping the country going. Well done all.

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