Shop Local Today and Forever

Shop Local Today and Forever

Another full lockdown is once again highlighting the importance of local businesses and how key it is to support them today and for the future.

At the start of the year, many people utilised local shops and businesses to get hold of items that they couldn’t find in the supermarkets. A flurry of activity arose when someone announced that toilet rolls were available in the next town or village, and off people drove to shops they’d never visited before. For many it was the start of a new relationship as we found great local businesses offering superb local produce or products, for others it was a quick solution and they never went back.

We need to save our local business today to for all our tomorrows

Unfortunately local business can’t rely on being a backup in case we can’t find a product else where. Local business needs a constant and regular flow of customers to ensure that they will be able to expand and be there this time next year.

There has never been a greater need for as us all to, whenever we can, put local business first. Go to your local shop, find a farm shop, seek out the baker or butcher or order a takeaway

Put Monmouthshire business first and use the national chains as a backup.

Let’s shop local and keep Monmouthshire in business.

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